It was Christmastime 1978, when I first rode through Main Street in Boerne (Bur-nee), Texas. My family’s move from San Antonio to “small-town USA” introduced all kinds of newness and change to my little life. What a magical time the new house, change of scenery, and Main Street adventures provided me.

All us cousins gathering around Uncle Steve.

Among those early childhood adventures are the holidays spent with my aunts, uncles, and cousins who would travel all the way to Boerne to visit. One such memory, vividly available in my heart, is of my Uncle Steve taking us cousins to Winn’s, placing paper bags in our hands, and directing us to pack them full of candy. The treat continued when we arrived back home and sat around to listen to him tell funny stories.

My initial setup for The Christmas Shoppe Illumination began in August 2019 under a warm, full moon night.

That family gathering, downtown adventure, and special treat is something I recall when I step into The Christmas Shoppe at 132 S. Main. For several years, I’ve wanted to express my sentiment in the form of a nocturne painting of The Christmas Shoppe storefront. 

I’m happy to present the finished work here. Also, I’m grateful to announce that two of my other Christmas-themed works are now being sold alongside the newly arrived postcards, greeting cards, and Fine Art Prints of The Christmas Shoppe Illumination.

I deeply appreciate what Shoppe owner Emily Carvalho expresses about her store, “The Christmas Shoppe ‘Illumination’ depicts the joy of Christ living in us and shining through us as we celebrate every holiday and every little occasion with everyone who visits our store.”

The Christmas Shoppe Illumination | oil on linen • 9 x 12 inch • SOLD

If you get the chance to visit Boerne during the holidays or any time of the year, I invite you to visit this place. Merry Christmas from Boerne.