In this post, I’d simply like to showcase some of the artwork I created during my years of personal ministry at First Baptist Church of Boerne, Texas. But first, a little back story…

FBC is the very first church I ever attended. I was six years young when my feet stepped into Church—located on South Main Street (FBC’s location from 1923–1980). And I still remember the move we made to the present, hilltop location on School Street. How good a time that was in my life.

In recent years, I’ve been blessed to minister alongside my childhood pastor, Allen Cearley. Photo taken May 2014.

Very dear are the memories of being known and loved by my 1st grade Sunday School teachers, Mrs. Johns and Mrs. Evans. Loads of fun and adventure were the RA (Royal Ambassadors) camping or Baylor football outings we fathers & sons enjoyed. And how precious, to me, was the time dedicated each Sunday morning service to sitting on the altar steps with Pastor Allen Cearley. “Pastor’s Pals” was our time to sit at his feet and hear a special lesson meant just for us. Pastor Cearley’s gentle voice and heart is one I still enjoy sitting with today.

After being misguided away to a different Christian subculture (described in my personal reflection on art, life, & freedom), I actually returned to FBC in my late 30s. Here now is the work I enjoyed creating—all the while discovering more of myself—more of God—more of others.

In 2013, I became an honorary member of WOW (Women of Worship). What an enriching experience it was singing with these women. (Some are still dear friends.) The opportunity pictured here took place in our town’s Best of BoerneFest. However, most often our ministry took place inside Texas prisons. There, we proclaimed the good news of God’s love and redemption.

logo design for Celebration Choir

Following Celebrate Christmas 2013, I went to work on designing our Celebration Choir logo. Jesus’ kingly and crucifixion crowns are elements of the design. Another element is the whole note dotting the ‘i’ in ‘Celebration.’ Our mission in Celebration Choir was to lead the congregation to the “throne of God’s grace,” which I believe points us to the abundant, fully-human life Jesus actually modeled—something worth celebrating.

While the very nature of this post includes music, it’s important to point out that the visual art I rendered was partially inspired by the opportunity to sing. Singing and painting are personal lifelines and the combination of them is something I call Art ‘n Song. I’m so grateful for the way this combination of arts helps to communicate and connect.

Photographed & designed this city-wide invitation to sing in Celebration Choir for Celebrate Christmas 2014.

For Celebrate Christmas 2014, “Behold the Gift” was the theme on which I drew Christ’s Cradle, Cross & Crown. Beginning with the poster design, I used those known elements to portray Jesus’ life on earth. While the orchestra played, I rendered a literal portrait before those in attendance. Stroke by stroke, shape by shape, a simple portrait of Jesus formed.

Celebrate Christmas 2015 included an arrangement of Little Drummer Boy that followed a minor theme of darkness… into light. On that note, I was inspired to render this illustration of the lyrical line “I have no gift to bring.” Having worked hard to unpack the lie I believed for so long, this work is directly from my own life experience.

At this Christmas-time of the year, I am reminded and grateful for the opportunity I was given to rehearse my gifts, serve my community, and mature into this current mark on my journey of life. Celebrate Christmas 2019 is near; I look forward to being there.

Live artistic rendering of Cradle, Cross, & Crown—A Portrait of Christ | Celebrate Christmas 2014 FBC Boerne