Sensing Beauty | oil on linen • 10 x 10 in.

Today marks one year of operation at Richter Bākhaus. What a year it’s been—one of challenge, connection, and growth.

In this post, I’d like to highlight the beauty and goodness I’ve sensed, experienced, and created throughout the year of serving coffee and latte art.

First, a little backstory… my presence at Richter Boerne is due to the idea of Studio 153. The original gallery/studio space that was to be is what drew my initial interest in Richter Boerne. Interestingly, the original space for the studio turned out to be the coffeeshop & bakery. ☕️🥖🎨🤎 It’s been good being part of Richter Boerne; Happy first year anniversary to Richter Bākhaus and all the incredible customers who support it.

If you are nearby or traveling #interstate10 , you’re invited to enjoy my art, others’ artworks, the good food and beverages we serve, and the overall experience of this well-designed addition to Boerne, Texas.

When Covid-19 threw its curveball at us, it made me pause to see the potential in this space between us and our neighbor The Boerne Bookshop. The short distance off of Main Street turned from being our disadvantage (my previous perspective) to our advantage. The Boerne Breezeway is what we now call this place of comfort and solitude.
A redesigned logo to capture the mainstay products and spirit of Richter Bākhaus.

UPDATE: April 11, 2021, marked my last day of work at Richter Boerne. I’m grateful for the people I was able to know and serve. I am grateful for the co-workers who enriched my life. I am glad Guy & Joi Sanders decided to come to Boerne and add such a creative spot to our community.

Am so excited to be back at my art and creativity full-time.