Hill Country Cheers
oil on linen • 12 x 16 in
available for purchase

In the year of our Lord, prior to Covid, 2019, I was fortunate enough to win the 3rd annual Boerne Bierfest art contest. Winning permitted me to be featured on the following year’s commemorative poster. This original painting was newly rendered for that opportunity. Of course, 2020 is something we won’t soon forget.

Speaking of not forgetting… remember when we enjoyed BierFest? Remember when we enjoyed any-Fest? Father’s Day weekend in my hometown means it’s time for Boerne Berges Fest. Unfortunately, this year’s festivities were cancelled for the second year in a row. Fortunately, others rallied to put on the Father’s Day parade.

These images are of the artwork entries I submitted to Boerne BierFest 2019.

Beer for Dad | graphite • 10 x 10 in.

One of my most vivid memories from the Berges Fest Parade, sometime in the late 70s, is running to the fire truck to receive a can of ice cold beer to run back to my dad. What a different time those days were. In fact, how short-lived those days were for me. Soon after moving to Boerne, my father gave up alcohol altogether. It’s an interesting reason he did so—one I’ll save for in-person conversation. However, for nearly four decades, I followed in his steps and abstained from alcohol.

Well, a few summers ago I gave myself permission to discover any goodness that might exist in alcoholic drink. Lo and behold, I found some! Similar to my enjoyment of specialty coffee, the various notes of flavor and nuanced interaction of them is part of what I enjoy.

I also appreciate the camaraderie present among beer drinkers. This is the very inspiration behind this artwork Hill Country Cheers. In a simple raising of the glass and spoken “CHEERS,” that brief interaction with friend and stranger alike is one of seeing and being seen. It’s “CHEERS” to a solid day or week of labor, “CHEERS” to seeing you again, “CHEERS!,” [“isn’t it great being alive!,”] “CHEERS!” [“Blessed be the God of the universe for giving us this drink,”] etc. (Be free to list your meaning of “CHEERS” in the comments.)

On this Father’s Day, after all these years, I’m grateful to sit with my dad and raise our glasses to the love and friendship we share. Am also grateful for the sons God has given me. I’m proud to be their dad.