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Loving the life he has, Paul is passionately active in his desire for beauty, truth, and goodness. Artistry, friendship, study, and interrelations make up his pathway toward discovering this human life he’s been given.

Proud of his home state, Paul mowed this patch of bluebonnets into Texas’ unique shape when he was ten.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Paul moved to the Texas Hill Country when his parents discovered the neighboring, small town of Boerne (pronounced Bur-nee).

Growing up on approximately seven acres of land, with a nearby creek, plenty of trees, loving neighbors, and open space for his extended family and friends to visit, Paul’s imagination and dreams began forming.

While learning the family business, Paul re-purposed the scrap pieces of molding from post-formed laminate counter tops. He then sold these nifty desktop pencil holders to his grade-school classmates.

Also significant to Paul’s early formation, was the experience gained at his family’s counter top business. There, Paul learned to apply his hands and mind to various tools and efficient labor. The productive pattern of constructing things and direct customer relations sparked his creative and entrepreneur spirit, which continue here.

Discovering artistic talent midway through high school, and receiving a mentor’s encouragement to pursue it, Paul decided to attend Pensacola Christian College. There, he not only earned a bachelor’s degree in commercial art, but also landed his first art job within his alma mater’s publishing company, A Beka Book Publications.

Reflections of the Son™ | “a digital color study illustrating the humanity of Jesus and symbolizing the Divine Light empowering my own.”—Paul De Luna

Throughout the years of work, marriage, family, higher education, self-employment, church ministry, and community involvement, Paul has developed a strong desire to “minister to humanity.” In his personal reflection on art, life, and freedom—In His Light—he writes, “De Luna is Spanish for all things lunar: moonstruck, moonwalk, moonshine, and the moon itself, a glorious nightlight for all humanity.”

It is this self-awareness and affirmation from others that continually encourage him to live out his gifts. And with love as the constant motivator and guide, Paul’s vision for effectively sharing his artwork continues expanding. While his work includes commissions, he purposefully manages time for artwork of his own initiative, as well as a flexible schedule for singing.

Resting Edge of Goodness | oil on linen • 8”x10”

Introduced to the manner of representational painting during college, Paul continues studying past and present master painters, illustrators, and singers for insight into the language that art is. John Singer Sargent, Joaquín Sorolla, Daniel Gerhartz, Richard Schmid, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Loomis, Linda Ronstadt, Placido Domingo, Steve Green, Freddie Mercury, Alfie Boe, Kristin Chenoweth, Amick Byram, Alex Sharpe, and Kerry Ellis are some of his artistic influences.

Paul rendering a Portrait of Christ before a gathering of people celebrating Christmas at the First Baptist Church—Boerne, Texas, in 2016. photo credit: Ron Pritchett

It is the fullness of life that Paul strives to communicate throughout this site and through the simplicity of being who God fashioned Him to be. His desire is to reflect the light that’s been placed in him and offer hope in the ways he’s been gifted to see and express it.

To Paul, each work of art, like each presentation of song, is a step toward effective communication of love and life. Paul’s artistic motto is, “Rehearsing love’s message keeps one fully alive.”

A flashback to Paul’s recitation of a poem (entitled Poinsettia) in a Boerne Intermediate School Christmas program (ca. 1982).

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