Portrait sketches like these (charcoal, conté crayon, or graphite) are a great way to capture the essence of that special friend, loved one, or beloved pet in your life. Commissioning such a work is not difficult.

My process begins with a conversation (preferably over coffee or something delicious) to discuss who the subject/s is/are, the occasion for the portrait, the size/cost, and the appropriate unveiling/presentation of the finished piece.

Kait | Conté crayon • 8”x10”| private collection

Each commissioned work is priced according to: dimensions, materials, number of subjects, and amount of form to portray (e.g. head & shoulder, full-body, etc.) This conté crayon on toned paper is an 8″x10″ classified as a head and shoulder portrait sketch.

One of the great joys in art is seeing the simple yet beautiful essence of a subject’s outward image. In a way, it’s a glimpse into the beautiful whole person God made him/her to be. As an artist, it’s always a privilege to catch such glimpses.

If you’re interested in commissioning a portrait sketch, please reach out.