In attempt to illustrate the theme, “Wish Upon a Star,” for our school’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance, I drew on an experience I shared with my youngest child… One early summer morning, my daughter and I arose to watch a meteor shower passing by. There we were in the comfort of our back yard as spectators of nature. To this day, it’s still a treasured moment of ours.

Wishing On A Star (close-up)

Whether observing meteor showers, moon gazing, or star catching… being together is what’s so special with these experiences—as dad and daughter. The position we dads have is profoundly significant. I find relating to our daughters from these shared moments gives insight and opportunity toward helping them discover their identity and, in a way, help form their souls.

As a dad who stays involved, I find myself doing some pretty cool and crazy things for/with my daughters, but there’s nothing quite like simply being a “star” sparkling in their eyes, the one upon whom they place some childhood hope. It’s an incredible and life-giving place to be!

This original (12 x 16 in.) charcoal sketch was raffled off at our school’s Daddy Daughter Dance. However, there’s good news. This work lays the foundation for an original oil painting to be rendered in full-color. And if you’re interested in claiming this artwork, and would like to capture likenesses of your loved ones, please reach out. I’d enjoy the opportunity to know your story and help capture it in the final rendering of this piece.

Wishing On A Star | charcoal • 12 x 16 in. | full-color painting forthcoming

Please view the first work in the Daddy Daughter series of paintings, Dancing With Daddy. It was rendered in 2016, and like this piece, it was in fundraising participation with our school’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance. This resource of inspiration comes around every other year for me, so stay tuned for similar works in the future (coming February 2020 & 2023).