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A Fledgling Flight

I dedicate this reflection to the parents I interact with year to year and day to day. I also dedicate it to the two young men I’m blessed to call sons.

Since the first day of this 2019–20 school year, and still fresh on my mind, is the reality I felt while walking across campus with neither of my sons present. It really hurt knowing their days on campus are complete, and their high school seasons are over. I missed them in a whole new way.

I was delighted to repurpose the original set of SRs ’17 props into SRs ’20. GO EAGLES!

Contributing to the void, on that first day, was my involvement in setting up this year’s senior class photo props. As I had done for my sons’ senior classes, I was asked to render a 2020 set of the Seniors/Eagle Talons photo props.

As voids go—they are meant to be filled. So, I proceeded to enjoy the people whom I served. On their faces, I recognized that unique combination of joy and pride amidst the realization, “this is the beginning of the end.” What a privilege it was to be near them. Of course, I also recalled the wonderful memories with my boys.

Here are some of those memories I created with them during their senior years. (Included are some recent ones, too.) How remarkable it is watching them figure out their wings as they take flight into maturity. And therein is the inspiration for this artwork, A Fledgling Flight.

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