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This page is dedicated to the people who have surrounded me with blueprints, sawdust, hammer, nails, and a whole lot of inspiration. They’re the folks responsible for shaping my idea of a “dream home”… and how to build it. Lori & I have been privileged to build five houses. (Title credit: songwriters Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin)

As a youngster, I enjoyed watching my grandfather construct things small and large. How blessed I was to see him build his own house next door to me.

Built in ’98, this was our first house. As Lori & I were tying the knot in Florida, the foundation was being poured. We moved to Texas after our honeymoon and immediately began working on the house.

After three years of living in our first house, we decided to sell and build again. This lot was at the entrance of our beloved subdivision. To our surprise, the builder/owner of the the lot was willing to sell it separate from a construction agreement. Timing is everything. The dormers and transom window are features I enjoyed in this house.

House #3 was constructed not very far from the second one. Regarding the large lot seen above for house #2, we went to commissioners’ court and acquired a variance to re-subdivide our lot into two. Timing is everything! House #2 sold quickly; house #3 then was constructed.

After selling house #3, we returned to Pensacola, FL, where Lori and I actually met & married. There, we found one last available lot located behind our alma mater and the Christian school where the kids began attending. Building a house amidst graduate school required intense focus, but, as with every house construction, we grew closer and completed the task. One interesting element of construction learned was that of the hurricane ties—we lived in preparation for the hurricanes.

This artistic rendering is of house #5. So far, it’s been the most complex of all our experiences. Adding the larger right side to the existing smaller section would prove to be unusual, but very rewarding. Several years after the new construction was complete, we tackled the remodel of the original side. We lived on this property a total of nine years. Working together we grew up in this house.

To be continued… House #6—coming soon!

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