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Hill Country Cheers

Hill Country Cheers
oil on linen • 12 x 16 in
available for purchase

In the year of our Lord, prior to Covid, 2019, I was fortunate enough to win the 3rd annual Boerne Bierfest art contest. Winning permitted me to be featured on the following year’s commemorative poster. This original painting was newly rendered for that opportunity. Of course, 2020 is something we won’t soon forget.

Speaking of not forgetting… remember when we enjoyed BierFest? Remember when we enjoyed any-Fest? Father’s Day weekend in my hometown means it’s time for Boerne Berges Fest. Unfortunately, this year’s festivities were cancelled for the second year in a row. Fortunately, others rallied to put on the Father’s Day parade.

These images are of the artwork entries I submitted to Boerne BierFest 2019.

Beer for Dad | graphite • 10 x 10 in.

One of my most vivid memories from the Berges Fest Parade, sometime in the late 70s, is running to the fire truck to receive a can of ice cold beer to run back to my dad. What a different time those days were. In fact, how short-lived those days were for me. Soon after moving to Boerne, my father gave up alcohol altogether. It’s an interesting reason he did so—one I’ll save for in-person conversation. However, for nearly four decades, I followed in his steps and abstained from alcohol.

Well, a few summers ago I gave myself permission to discover any goodness that might exist in alcoholic drink. Lo and behold, I found some! Similar to my enjoyment of specialty coffee, the various notes of flavor and nuanced interaction of them is part of what I enjoy.

I also appreciate the camaraderie present among beer drinkers. This is the very inspiration behind this artwork Hill Country Cheers. In a simple raising of the glass and spoken “CHEERS,” that brief interaction with friend and stranger alike is one of seeing and being seen. It’s “CHEERS” to a solid day or week of labor, “CHEERS” to seeing you again, “CHEERS!,” [“isn’t it great being alive!,”] “CHEERS!” [“Blessed be the God of the universe for giving us this drink,”] etc. (Be free to list your meaning of “CHEERS” in the comments.)

On this Father’s Day, after all these years, I’m grateful to sit with my dad and raise our glasses to the love and friendship we share. Am also grateful for the sons God has given me. I’m proud to be their dad.

Sensing Beauty & Goodness

Sensing Beauty | oil on linen • 10 x 10 in.

Today marks one year of operation at Richter Bākhaus. What a year it’s been—one of challenge, connection, and growth.

In this post, I’d like to highlight the beauty and goodness I’ve sensed, experienced, and created throughout the year of serving coffee and latte art.

First, a little backstory… my presence at Richter Boerne is due to the idea of Studio 153. The original gallery/studio space that was to be is what drew my initial interest in Richter Boerne. Interestingly, the original space for the studio turned out to be the coffeeshop & bakery. ☕️🥖🎨🤎 It’s been good being part of Richter Boerne; Happy first year anniversary to Richter Bākhaus and all the incredible customers who support it.

If you are nearby or traveling #interstate10 , you’re invited to enjoy my art, others’ artworks, the good food and beverages we serve, and the overall experience of this well-designed addition to Boerne, Texas.

When Covid-19 threw its curveball at us, it made me pause to see the potential in this space between us and our neighbor The Boerne Bookshop. The short distance off of Main Street turned from being our disadvantage (my previous perspective) to our advantage. The Boerne Breezeway is what we now call this place of comfort and solitude.
A redesigned logo to capture the mainstay products and spirit of Richter Bākhaus.

UPDATE: April 11, 2021, marked my last day of work at Richter Boerne. I’m grateful for the people I was able to know and serve. I am grateful for the co-workers who enriched my life. I am glad Guy & Joi Sanders decided to come to Boerne and add such a creative spot to our community.

Am so excited to be back at my art and creativity full-time.

Celebrating Christmas at FBC Boerne

In this post, I’d simply like to showcase some of the artwork I created during my years of personal ministry at First Baptist Church of Boerne, Texas. But first, a little back story…

FBC is the very first church I ever attended. I was six years young when my feet stepped into Church—located on South Main Street (FBC’s location from 1923–1980). And I still remember the move we made to the present, hilltop location on School Street. How good a time that was in my life.

In recent years, I’ve been blessed to minister alongside my childhood pastor, Allen Cearley. Photo taken May 2014.

Very dear are the memories of being known and loved by my 1st grade Sunday School teachers, Mrs. Johns and Mrs. Evans. Loads of fun and adventure were the RA (Royal Ambassadors) camping or Baylor football outings we fathers & sons enjoyed. And how precious, to me, was the time dedicated each Sunday morning service to sitting on the altar steps with Pastor Allen Cearley. “Pastor’s Pals” was our time to sit at his feet and hear a special lesson meant just for us. Pastor Cearley’s gentle voice and heart is one I still enjoy sitting with today.

After being misguided away to a different Christian subculture (described in my personal reflection on art, life, & freedom), I actually returned to FBC in my late 30s. Here now is the work I enjoyed creating—all the while discovering more of myself—more of God—more of others.

In 2013, I became an honorary member of WOW (Women of Worship). What an enriching experience it was singing with these women. (Some are still dear friends.) The opportunity pictured here took place in our town’s Best of BoerneFest. However, most often our ministry took place inside Texas prisons. There, we proclaimed the good news of God’s love and redemption.

logo design for Celebration Choir

Following Celebrate Christmas 2013, I went to work on designing our Celebration Choir logo. Jesus’ kingly and crucifixion crowns are elements of the design. Another element is the whole note dotting the ‘i’ in ‘Celebration.’ Our mission in Celebration Choir was to lead the congregation to the “throne of God’s grace,” which I believe points us to the abundant, fully-human life Jesus actually modeled—something worth celebrating.

While the very nature of this post includes music, it’s important to point out that the visual art I rendered was partially inspired by the opportunity to sing. Singing and painting are personal lifelines and the combination of them is something I call Art ‘n Song. I’m so grateful for the way this combination of arts helps to communicate and connect.

Photographed & designed this city-wide invitation to sing in Celebration Choir for Celebrate Christmas 2014.

For Celebrate Christmas 2014, “Behold the Gift” was the theme on which I drew Christ’s Cradle, Cross & Crown. Beginning with the poster design, I used those known elements to portray Jesus’ life on earth. While the orchestra played, I rendered a literal portrait before those in attendance. Stroke by stroke, shape by shape, a simple portrait of Jesus formed.

Celebrate Christmas 2015 included an arrangement of Little Drummer Boy that followed a minor theme of darkness… into light. On that note, I was inspired to render this illustration of the lyrical line “I have no gift to bring.” Having worked hard to unpack the lie I believed for so long, this work is directly from my own life experience.

At this Christmas-time of the year, I am reminded and grateful for the opportunity I was given to rehearse my gifts, serve my community, and mature into this current mark on my journey of life. Celebrate Christmas 2019 is near; I look forward to being there.

Live artistic rendering of Cradle, Cross, & Crown—A Portrait of Christ | Celebrate Christmas 2014 FBC Boerne

Merry Christmas from Boerne

It was Christmastime 1978, when I first rode through Main Street in Boerne (Bur-nee), Texas. My family’s move from San Antonio to “small-town USA” introduced all kinds of newness and change to my little life. What a magical time the new house, change of scenery, and Main Street adventures provided me.

All us cousins gathering around Uncle Steve.

Among those early childhood adventures are the holidays spent with my aunts, uncles, and cousins who would travel all the way to Boerne to visit. One such memory, vividly available in my heart, is of my Uncle Steve taking us cousins to Winn’s, placing paper bags in our hands, and directing us to pack them full of candy. The treat continued when we arrived back home and sat around to listen to him tell funny stories.

My initial setup for The Christmas Shoppe Illumination began in August 2019 under a warm, full moon night.

That family gathering, downtown adventure, and special treat is something I recall when I step into The Christmas Shoppe at 132 S. Main. For several years, I’ve wanted to express my sentiment in the form of a nocturne painting of The Christmas Shoppe storefront. 

I’m happy to present the finished work here. Also, I’m grateful to announce that two of my other Christmas-themed works are now being sold alongside the newly arrived postcards, greeting cards, and Fine Art Prints of The Christmas Shoppe Illumination.

I deeply appreciate what Shoppe owner Emily Carvalho expresses about her store, “The Christmas Shoppe ‘Illumination’ depicts the joy of Christ living in us and shining through us as we celebrate every holiday and every little occasion with everyone who visits our store.”

The Christmas Shoppe Illumination | oil on linen • 9 x 12 inch • SOLD

If you get the chance to visit Boerne during the holidays or any time of the year, I invite you to visit this place. Merry Christmas from Boerne.

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